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Belarus Tractors Ltd - Competitive Advantages

Belarus Tractors Ltd was formed in 2016, solely for importing Bobruisk Tractors into the United Kingdom, The Gambia, Senegal and Zambia, where we intend to employ people to run a local network of dealers throughout the countries offering new and used tractors, parts and offer help and advice to farmers and growers.

We realise that it would be a huge time investment for you to do a comprehensive tractors review, in order to compare features/specs/price of what is out there. We hope it will be a useful reference tool.


Main conclusions:

Belarus tractors remain price leaders in each power category From our range of compact tractors up to the 355hp mega tractors Belarus are world leaders in economy, reliability and affordability


Despite lower price, Belarus offer the heaviest/strongest tractor in each power category, with largest 3 point hitch capacity


Unlike most competitors, Belarus can still offer Euro-3 engines, which are much simpler mechanical design, and do not have all the complicated electronics and computers. They also use standard off the shelf lubricants


Some competitors offer more gadgets: MP3 players, Bluetooth connectivity, GPS, colour screens, AdBlue etc. We offer none of this. We offer a down to earth, economical, reliable, easy to maintain tractors

On the «down side», some competitors offer models with automated electronic transmission, and transmissions with more speeds. In our defence, synchro transmissions are considered simpler and more reliable. We are also not sure if having a complicated 24x24 transmission is that useful for many common tasks – have you ever seen anyone using 24 speeds in reverse…

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