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BTKP 09A North Somerset farmer has arranged for the ambassador for Belarus to be at a Somerset farmer's market on Saturday.

Banwell-based Paul Bateman runs Belarus Tractors Ltd which imports compact Belarus tractors to the UK.

It has taken two years of negotiations and visits to the factory in Bobruisk, about 120 miles south of Minsk, to reach the stage where it can begin imports.

The first batch of tractors arrived in December and a network of dealers is being set up. On Saturday the company is holding an event at The Sedgemoor Auction Centre, Junction 24, near Bridgwater.

The Belarusian Ambassador and his trade team from the Embassy in London will be attending, along with the deputy director and representatives from Belarus Tractors, Belarus, along with appointed dealers.

The tractors on show range from 35 to 62 hp and for compact tractors "punch well above their weight" with the trend for tractors to get bigger and bigger these little tractors will fill a void in the tractor market place and are competitively priced.

Derek Mead will be meeting the Belarusian delegation and showing them around the Sedgemoor Auction Centre complex.

Mr Bateman said: "Belarus Tractors has been set up so show we, and the Belarus tractor manufacturers have great confidence in British agriculture post Brexit and do not consider the Euro exchange rate fluctuations a problem.

The tractors will be at the Sedgemoor Auction Centre from 8.30am.

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