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Belarus 320R

Tractor BELARUS 320R is a compact tractor for mechanization in the cultivation of rice, as well as to perform various activities in agricultural operations with mounted, semi-mounted and trailed machines and implements, municipal and transport operations.

Length, mm 3050
Width, mm 1680
Height, mm 2300

Cabin - No
Drive Type - 4WD
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belarus tractors 302.4   belarus tractors 302.4   belarus tractors 302.4



Type Diesel
Model Lombardini LDW1603/B3
Power, KW (h.p.) 26,5 (36)
Rated Speed, rpm 3000
Number of Cylinders, pc 3
Engine capacity, l 1,649
Fuel Tank Capacity, l 26
Category 0,6
Torque, Nm 92
Emission standard Euro-3A
Gearbox mechanical, step-by-step
Number of Gears:  
forward/reverse 8/4 or 16/8
Speed, km/hour:  
forward 1,47-35,5
Clutch single-disk, friction-type, constantly-closed
Differential locking, rear
Drive 4WD
Power take-off (PTO):  
dependent and synchronous, rpm 540/1000
Type disks, wet, mechanical (separate control)
Length, mm 3050
Width, mm 1680
Height, mm 2300
Wheelbase, mm 1720
Tread, mm  
front wheels 1260
rear wheels 1200
Ground Clearance, mm 460
Least Turning Radius, m 3,7 (2.8)
Operating Weight,kg 1730
front 265/70R16
rear 360/R24
Lifting Capacity, kg 1100
Pump Productivity, l/min 17
Oil Tank Capacity in the Hydraulic and Steering Control System, l 9



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